Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quote I

you can say that you "don't love him" and you "don't care" but still in your deepest feeling you say outloud "YES! i love him" and "i do care him" :')

the hardest part in my life is i'm smiling for someone that i love to be with someone he like :(

i'm smiling a lot when you here,but you'll hear me crying when you not here

girl's feel somehow juat like a weather :\

what you know about me now is just what you see

everyday i spend with you is the new best day of my life

nothing is impossible for love

they have hurt your feeling but they're just a test for you to get a good one

ga perlu sedih buat mereka yang udah pernah bikin sakit kalian karna disaat kalian sedih tak sadari tuhan sudah punya rencana yang terbaik untuk kalian

come to love is not by finding a perfect person but seeing an imperfect person perfectly

i'm avoid the sound that tell me you just used me,and keeping my ear close but my heart know that's the truth

everytime we talk i'm feeling like i'ts just you and me in here

i'm trying to be the perfect one for you but you never see that :'(

am i wrong if have a feeling for you? because i know i've never gonna make you mine

sometime i'm jealous when she says "his mine" because i know i can't say it

it's just hurt when i think you never even have a feeling for me

i'm pretending like you don't really hurt myself but the fact is i'm completly broken